Fowlmead Charity Assault Course

I had one of our campers (Pat) bring in a clipping from the local newspaper about a Charity Assault Course that was going to be happening at a local park.  She asked if I would be interested in asking around and seeing if we could put together a team of campers to take part.  When I checked out the website for the event I found that it was a team event and we needed a team of 6 to allow us to take part.  I asked at the 2 camps to gauge interest and I was really pleased at the result.  Not only was it easy to get enough people to fill up one team but I actually got enough for us to full up 2 full teams!


When I registered our teams on the website I had to decide on a charity.  This was actually quite a hard thing to do as there were so many worthy causes listed on there.  I decided I wanted something that was going to be tied to our Boot Camp personally so decided that we would support Parkinson’s UK.  For those of you not aware my father in law has Parkinson’s and he is also one of my longest running Boot Campers.  Wor Al ( he is from the North East and called Alan so that is his nickname) has been attending my AM Boot Camp in Margate since my very first session, week in week out 3 times a week.  He even takes workouts away when he is on holiday and texts me at half 6 in the morning to let me know he is actually doing them!  Al is a true inspiration and it is campers like him that make my job as a coach so rewarding and I am truly proud of him.


Anyway, back to the assault course……………..Saturday the 5th of October.  It was a bright day and even though it had rained pretty heavily over the couple of days before the course it was relatively dry.  In total there were 19 obstacles that we had to navigate our way over through, under or across.

We had water to leap over, balance beams to walk across, a series of log steps to climb over, tunnels to crawl through (smashed due to our awesome bear crawls practice ;o), tires to climb through or high knee’s across or jump over and  barriers to leap.

All of our campers did amazing on the day and I immensely proud of them all.  In total we raised £320!  Most of this money went to Parkinson’s UK but a small amount of it did go to a children’s charity tired to Fowlmead Country Park.  Both worthy causes in any case!

In total there were 35 teams taking part in the Assault Course and our 2 teams came 16th and 17 with great times of 7:36 and 7:37!  Not bad considering we were up against some extremely fit looking teams!

Here are some of the pics from our day!  To see more of them please visit our Facebook page – Smash The Fat Margate –





To view a video I shot of our assault course please click this link –

Many thanks again to all our friends and family who sponsored us and helped us raise our donation to Parkinson’s UK.

We Smashed It!  Same time next year campers?



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